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Body Art Quality Henna Powder
Body Art Quality Henna Powder (Certified organic) is manufacture by using Henna(lawsonia Inermis) Plant that grows in Hot, dry climates of Rajasthan, India. Its Leaves have a Red-Orange Dye Molecule Lawsone, Only 5 % Henna of total crop separated by Highly qualified & Experienced Staff Contains highest dye contents of Lawsone, is powdered & Finely sifted using Nylon Cloth Manually & Produce finest best quality BODY ART QUALITY HENNA POWDER.
Body Art Organic Henna Powder is amazingly imparts deep red Color to your hair & skin because of fine powdering and sifting make powder free from any impurities,
  body art quality henna powder
It’s a only 100% Natural Dye produce deep red Color to your hair without adding any other synthetic dyes, metallic salts, Copper, alum etc. The Natural Dye Contents Penetrates and bind with hair keratin & Condition your hair naturally.
Packing available : 100/ 200 G Moisture Sealed Pouch Pack
Various lawsone Contents are available according to our Buyer Requirement :
Organic Henna Powder 1.5% Lawsone
Organic Henna Powder 2.0% Lawsone
Organic Henna Powder 2.5% Lawsone
Organic Henna Powder 3.0~3.2% Lawsone
Henna Body Art Only one dye molecule Lawsone that produce only deep Red Colour. All other colors are possible by producing Compounded Henna with Other Natural Organic Herbal Dyes.
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100% Natural Indigo Henna Hair Color (Certified organic )
100% Natural Black Hair Color/ Certified Organic Indigo Powder (ECOCERT/ONECERT) :
Indigoferra Tinctoria Leaf Powder is also a natural dye (Indigoferra Tinctoria) that has a natural Blue dye. Indigo is also known as a natural Black Henna Internationally. Indigo (Indigofera tinctoria) yields a cooling sensation and is relaxing. Indigo molecules in the leaves of the plant contain the dye which oxidises to dark blue, It has the potential to turn hair from brown through to black when it goes over henna, In the range of natural dye colors, Organic indigo is one of the most 'fast' colours, and is certainly in this day and age one of the more popular colours in the world, highly appreciated for its ageing quality.
Our Organic Indigo is 100% natural & certified.
Indigo Can be used in Various Proportions to produce various Colours in Combination of Henna Powder & Other Natural Dyes, Some of the Examples
What Color you Get if you have blonde hairs :
Vibrant Red Color 100% Pure Henna Powder
Light Brown 2/3 Henna & 1/3 Indigo Powder
Medium Brown/Golden ½ Henna & ½ Indigo Powder
Deep Brown 1/3 henna & 2/3 Indigo Powder
Deep Black To Achieve black, use henna First Then Indigo step by step
  hair colors
NOTE : These Colors are Also Available PREMIXES to Achieve Better Results
Body Art Organic Cassia Leaf Powder
Cassia Powder (senna) is like a henna powder, but it didn’t impart any colour on hairs it a natural & one of an excellent hair conditioning properties. It’s primary characteristics are : anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Basically it is highly effective against microbes and fungi. Hence, excellent as a dandruff treatment, and an excellent skin and hair conditioner! It has been known to soothe and restore the most damaged hairs & Effective in promoting healing, and healthy hair. For chemically treated hair it’s a miracleous conditioner which is also certified organic.   Body Art Organic Cassia Leaf Powder
Henna Herbal Mix
Certified Organic Herbal Henna Mix :
An original Blend of Indian Ethenic Ayurvedic Treatment for hair essential amino acid, minerals and vitamins, This 3 in 1 Blend produce beautiful natural color of Henna with Deep conditioning of organic herbs & also stop hair loss immediately after ist or IInd application, helps in growing new hair and adding the shine to the hair.

It contains : lawsonia inermis (henna leaf), Embelica officinalis (amla), acacia concinna (shikkakai), sapindus trifoliatus (reetha), eclipta erecta (bringraj), Cyperus rotundus (nagar motha), Pinus maritime (algae Extract powder).
Henna Herbal Mix
Packing available : 100/200 g or in bulk to repack at your site.
100% Natural Hair Colors
100% natural Certified Organic hair colors for the people who are allergen to synthetic Hair dyes & want to rid off without compromising..
Shades Available are :
  • Natural Blue-Black Hair Color Powder
  • Natural deeper Brown Hair Color Powder
This Premix is for the people who have more than 20 % Gray Hairs & Want to covers your graying in Black / Deep Brown naturally.
Other Range of Shades :
  • Medium Brown
  • Golden brown
  • Light Brown
  • Copper
  • Mahogany
  • Golden Light Blond
  • Yellow lemon
chart here
The above shades are for the people who have more than 20% gray hair.
Contents : Certified organic Henna Powder, Certified Organic Indigo Powder, Madder Root Powder, Rhubarb Powder, Chamomile Powder
Henna Fixative Oil (Mahalabiya oil)
We are instrumental in offering an array of Henna Fixative Oil. Formulated using pure ingredients in accurate composition, this offered range is highly effective when applied to the skin to enhance the effect naturally of Henna Tattoos . Further, use of pure Essential Oils ensures that the offered oil is entirely free of any sort of side effects. its also known as Mahalabiya Oil.
You can also mix this oil to your own homemade henna paste & Pack it in an airtight container
  Henna Fixative Oil (Mahalabiya oil)
Packing Available : 20 ml Mahalabiya Bottle (or Bulk Pack also available)
100% Natural Instant Henna Paste
Natural Instant Ready Mix Henna paste Made Using Certified Organic henna Powder (Body Art Quality). This instant ready mix henna paste is 100% natural and can be use for temporary Henna tattoos with shelf life of almost 6 months. It instantly release deep & dark color, this is processed using pure ingredients under hygienic conditions. Further, clients can avail this in laminated tube/Cone packing and at economical cost. A Powderful Blend Terpineol, Pine oil, Camphor Oil, Clove Oil, Eucalyptus oil Etc. We have production capacity of 20000 tubes (35 ml) per day or 3000 kgs (50 kg) barrell pack.
Features :
  • Skin friendly
  • Safe usage
  • Effectiveness
  • Long life
  • Deep Color
  • No Mess of Mixing powder
  • A proper mixture of Oils
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